What’s wrong with a “Job?”

     A  funny thing…I just had to create an online portfolio to apply for a dishwasher  position.  Personally I don’t know  anyone who has set his or her career goals on being a dishwasher.  I also don’t know a single restaurant owner who would want  any of his dishwashers to remain dishwashers for the rest of their lives. 
     What  I do know is that at over ten percent un-employment in my area, and being out of  work for two years now, I just wanted to get a job and pay my bills. I’ve also applied for positions as a warehouse worker (i.e. driving a  forklift) and have had to title myself as a“Material Transport Handler” to apply for these positions as well.  And  I’m not even going to describe the ridiculous “Titles” I’ve seen listed for  Security Guard positions.  Come on recruiters get over it with all these silly invented
for the same old positions!!
     What  is this thing today about careers that seems to be so all inclusive?  Some of us actually do not have an interest anymore in developing a career.  Is that so wrong?  Is it the most important thing in the world above and beyond other interests to have to have a “Career?”  The concept of simply having a job that one can go to every day, earn their livelihoods and take care of their families seems to have become some kind of a sin.  Not everyone in the world is interested in having that all important stamp of recognition in their lives.  Some of us actually may have other interests in their lives.  
     Like taking care of their loved ones for instance.  Some of us may actually have other interests than a “Career” such as what we do when we are NOT at work.
    Some  of us actually don’t need to become multi-millionaires within five years.  Some of us actually are more interested in what we do when we are not at work than what we do at work.
    Some of us have already had our satisfying careers and wish to move on to more  personal achievements.  I  have.  
    At this stage of my life, my biggest agenda now is to live a comfortable life with my spouse, and have time to enjoy being with her off the clock.  Not wave at her as I run out the door for my newest big thing going on in the techno world of today.  
    Life is more than just having a job (i.e. career.)  Life is enjoying the people we  love.  Life is things like cuddling together after work or having a nice dinner together. Life is what we do when we are not working.  And that folks is supposed to be the American Dream.  
     A job, career, employment position is fundamentally what we do to have our lives.  It is not our
    With all the panic across the nation from high unemployment, we as a culture and a  nation seem to have forgotten the reason we work in the first place. FOR OUR FAMILIES AND THEIR WELLFARE!!  
    I personally do not care about the welfare of a shareholder for a company I am employed by. 
Especially when that shareholder doesn’t care enough about his employees to offer them a decent salary or provide health care options to keep the employee from seeking other work.
    What is going on America?  Why are we bending over for these people?  Do they actually care about your wife?  Your Children?  Your survival?

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